Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kitchen & Morning Room


I can't even count how many things I love about this! The HUGE island, the whole morning room, our new dining room table, the granite... the list goes on! The open floor plan is great for entertaining, which I love to do!


I wasn't to sure with what I should do in this little space. It's big enough where it needs something, but small enough where it can only fit once piece of furniture. It's part of both the family room and the kitchen, so it need to be useful to both spaces. I decided on a bar area. After my nephew visited, I quickly learned all the glass needs to be up higher (toddler running around holding two wine glasses was an easy sign! haha) so I am going to hang the glass from a floating shelf and then do some cool bar art (maybe B-A-R in black letters like the "E" on a shelf?).

4 Months later . . .

Our house is complete and we have moved in!

We closed at the end of June, went on vacation to Hilton Head and then moved in! What a month!

The house is SLOWLY starting to come together. The family room, kitchen and morning room are the most put together. I will share pictures of the rest of the house little by little :).


We purchased this furniture from Ashley as soon as we moved to Columbus last year. Surprisingly, Kyle and I agreed on it right away. I love it!

The pictures above the couch have been empty for well over a year (hanging empty). I finally stopped procrastinating and filled them! I have been picturing a giant "E" next to the frames for a while. So I went to Home Depot, bought some plywood and starting cutting!

I love having a fireplace! As much as I love wood burning fireplaces, its nice to be able to turn this on and off so easily! Eventually (so far down on the list) we will put the TV above the fireplace (I think). So for now we just have the mirror.

The large lantern on the floor is a constant reminder of my wedding, which I love! We had guests drop cards in the top!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pre Drywall meeting and SHUTTERS!

We had our Pre-drywall meeting this morning. Our PM walked us through the house and pointed out everything ... outlets, Light switches, air vents, plumbing etc. Everything looks great! Our realtor used to build custom homes, which is a huge plus because he knows what to look out for. He is very impressed with Ryan Homes!

Shutters are up! Love the Navy! Drywall will start by the end of the week. We are estimated to close a week earlier than anticipated, June 25! The countdown is on!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We have siding!

It has been 41 days since ground breaking and we have siding! Things are moving QUICK! We have our pre-construction meeting set up for next Tuesday. Once we walk through the house and review the electrical, HVAC, plumbing etc with the PM the drywall begins! I just can't believe that Kyle and I will be in our HOME in less than 2 months!

With Memorial day this weekend, Kyle and I are hoping to get some great deals on    
EVERYTHING we will need for the new house!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First and Second Week of Construction

We have a walls!

The construction began and it is moving along faster than I can post!

After the first week the excavation began and the foundation was poured!

At the end of week one we had studs up on the first floor! I just can't believe how quickly this house is going up. We will have a second floor by the end of week three!

It nice to finally see the true size of our backyard!

This picture shows the rocks leading up to our two car garage. To the immediate left of the garage will be the front door and the single window is my office!
Here is the back of house. Two windows on the right belong to the family room and the room to the left is the Morning Room! I can't wait to eat dinner at a kitchen table!

Pre Construction Meeting


I have to say, working with the Ryan team has been great! Our sales coordinator is Courtney. She is so knowledgeable. We had our Pre Construction meeting and met our Project manager, Andy. We went through our home plans in detail to make sure nothing was missed. And of course, everything was perfect! I am just so excited!

We did have to reselect out exterior color choices. I am very excited with what we ended up with. Especially because I found the cutest welcome mat from Ballard Designs that will go perfect with the front door! Don't you think?!

We have the same stone and siding colors we originally picked. The shutters and front door will be NAVY! Love it! I think it will go better with all the paint colors I picks for the interior of the house.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All in the Details

 It's hard to go to a design studio, be given xyz choices and decide in one hour what the inside of you home is going to look like! We did it though! We went with Wyoming Cherry Spice Cabinets, Santana Cecilia granite in the kitchen and Cherry laminate wood flooring throughout the first floor. The second floor is a grade 2 tan carpet and linoleum in the bathrooms. Our plan is to lay tile later.
We are MONTHS away from painting, but living in apartments for the last 5 years and not being able to paint, has me itching to get started! This is the color pallet (as of right now) for the most of the house.

From left to right- Office, Hallway/ familyroom, kitchen, master bedroom, guestoom #1.

This will most likely change weekly, but for now, I love these colors!