Thursday, September 26, 2013

4 Months later . . .

Our house is complete and we have moved in!

We closed at the end of June, went on vacation to Hilton Head and then moved in! What a month!

The house is SLOWLY starting to come together. The family room, kitchen and morning room are the most put together. I will share pictures of the rest of the house little by little :).


We purchased this furniture from Ashley as soon as we moved to Columbus last year. Surprisingly, Kyle and I agreed on it right away. I love it!

The pictures above the couch have been empty for well over a year (hanging empty). I finally stopped procrastinating and filled them! I have been picturing a giant "E" next to the frames for a while. So I went to Home Depot, bought some plywood and starting cutting!

I love having a fireplace! As much as I love wood burning fireplaces, its nice to be able to turn this on and off so easily! Eventually (so far down on the list) we will put the TV above the fireplace (I think). So for now we just have the mirror.

The large lantern on the floor is a constant reminder of my wedding, which I love! We had guests drop cards in the top!