Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kitchen & Morning Room


I can't even count how many things I love about this! The HUGE island, the whole morning room, our new dining room table, the granite... the list goes on! The open floor plan is great for entertaining, which I love to do!


I wasn't to sure with what I should do in this little space. It's big enough where it needs something, but small enough where it can only fit once piece of furniture. It's part of both the family room and the kitchen, so it need to be useful to both spaces. I decided on a bar area. After my nephew visited, I quickly learned all the glass needs to be up higher (toddler running around holding two wine glasses was an easy sign! haha) so I am going to hang the glass from a floating shelf and then do some cool bar art (maybe B-A-R in black letters like the "E" on a shelf?).